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What we do

Our team handles all production matters so you can focus on what you do best: 
sharing your expertise, connecting with your followers, and enhancing your brand.

We ensure you have the right process in place to create a warm, inviting, and professional-sounding podcast that will keep your audience engaged, interested, and coming back.

We focus on expanding your brand. We make it our business to understand your voice and your objectives, and we share your goals to incorporate podcasting as a high point in your marketing, messaging, and content mix.

who we are

A great podcast starts with a great team.

Because of Media’s seasoned producers, editors, and copywriters focus on essential, creative considerations when developing and producing your podcast.  And they absolutely know their craft – our team hails from many of the finest podcast and broadcast organizations in existence today, including NPR, Gimlet, AOL, CNN, and CBC Radio-Canada.

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show planning, design, and development

Our creative team develops your show concept, technical components, editorial content, program strategies, and production workflow.

We also handle the planning and development process for you, ensuring superb quality and the best possible foundation and structure for your podcast. This means we:

  • Develop your show’s format, length, and distribution timing

  • Create titles, descriptions, album art, and fully licensed and unique intro/outro music

  • Set up and manage your podcast hosting service

  • Ensure each episode’s distribution to the top podcast channels

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Post-production editing,
show notes copywriting,
and transcription

Because of Media’s certified engineers and producers specialize in audio production. We utilize cutting edge software and studio equipment to make each and every show sound its best.

Likewise, our writers are at the top of their craft and specialize in the broadcast world, with a unique focus on podcasting. This wonderful partnership between our engineering and our creative teams is demonstrated by our results.


  • Produce your audio branding and seamlessly edit your segments

  • Write beautiful show notes and custom copy, including quotes for easy integration into social media

  • Provide you with word-for-word transcripts of each episode, which can be used in countless ways to enhance your subscribers’ experience

  • Deliver a polished show on time, every time

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and commercial advice

In addition to submitting your podcast to relevant directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, our producers also assess your market position, provide ongoing technical support, and advise you on how to continue to improve your content quality.

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